Free Training from Joe Bunn & Aaron Traylor of Crate Hackers

How to Organize Your Crates Quickly So That You Can Find the Perfect Song - Instantly.

Presenters: Joe Bunn & Aaron Traylor

On this FREE training, we're going to cover:

• How to drastically improve your DJ performance by organizing your music without spending hundreds of hours on it.

• We’ll cover why normal playlists don’t blend well together and teach you how you can
fix that by making sure your crates and playlists are structured by BPM, harmony and even energy levels.

• I’m going to show you “smartcuts” on how to keep up with the ocean of new music that’s being dumped out every day to easily find the bangers.

• Got a gig coming up that you feel a little uncomfortable about? Or ever experienced that? We’ll even show you how to eliminate the guesswork of what songs slap and what songs fail - before you even play them - thanks to some secrets from the hottest radio programmers and club DJs from around the country.

About Aaron Traylor

Aaron Traylor is a long-time DJ’s Vault member and award winning DJ based in Nashville, TN who’s been awarded ‘Best Performance DJ’ from & most recently earned the honors of the ‘Best Radio Station Personality’ by the National Broadcasting Association. He's also the personal DJ for the Johnny Cash Family.

NOTE: This Training is NOT for Everyone...

Your results are not guaranteed. This training is only for those that are hard working, realize that success does not come easy, and are willing to put in the work when problems arise. This training will however, give you insight behind one of the most successful DJ companies in the United States.














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